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China Cleantech Collaboratory is an internationally networked cross-border technology and commercialization accelerator with support from government, academic, industrial, and financial institutions. We are dedicated to helping emerging Chinese and Western clean energy and environmental sustainability companies leverage China’s large market opportunities and favorable commercialization ecosystems to accelerate their path to market to become global leaders.


China embodies some of the largest and most urgent demands in the world for sustainability solutions, where government and industry are aggressively adopting measures to promote and deploy clean technologies, hence making China an ideal “cleantech collaboratory”.  


The China Cleantech Collaboratory (CCC) helps innovative cleantech companies enter China’s vast market and leverage China’s commercialization advantages by providing a set of fully integrated services that encompass market intelligence, business strategy, strategic partnerships, financial resources, and on-the-ground operational capabilities.   

Our one-stop, seamlessly integrated services are executed in parallel to accelerate your commercialization and localization in China.

Business Consulting

CCC conducts market, industry, and regulatory analyses to help Western cleantech companies understand relevant China opportunities (and challenges), specializing in the needs of emerging technology companies who typically possess promising technology but limited financial and personnel resources. Going beyond analyzing the market dynamics and formulating a strategic go-to-market plan, CCC identifies co-commercialization and strategic partners, non-traditional sources of financing, and helps implement the operational plan thus aligning the consulting engagement recommendations with deliverable and accountable results. This shortens the time to market and helps emerging companies quickly scale-up and succeed in China. 

Strategic Alliance
& Partnerships

CCC identifies key industrial partners, potential early adopters, and other stakeholders from our extensive network of government entities, state-owned and private enterprises, research organizations, and financial institutions to de-risk operations and accelerate growth.

Access to Funding

CCC helps cleantech companies navigate through China’s unique fund-raising environment, facilitating access to funding from local strategic partners, government organizations, and local VC/PE firms.  

Deal Structuring

CCC has deep experiences in cross-border deal structuring, and helps cleantech startups protect their intellectual property through aligned stakeholder interests while obtaining the necessary capital and resources to promote long-term success.

Execution & Implementation

CCC’s team of cross-functional, globally-minded industry experts can serve as the on-the-ground supplemental interim management team for Western cleantech companies to shorten their time to market. CCC also provides operational execution and implementation services such as business development, procurement, manufacturing, sales and marketing, licensing, and other general business functions.


Client Case Studies & Success Stories

Flue-Gas-to-Fuel Company

Secured Early Adopter, Co-Commercialization Partner & Strategic Investment

For a US- and New Zealand-based industrial flue gas biofuels company that was seeking Series B financing and strategic co-commercialization partners to build a multi-million demonstration-scale plant, CCC quickly negotiated an investment and strategic partnership with one of China’s largest steel companies, culminating in a technology licensing agreement, joint venture and over $100 million in investment to build the world’s first commercial-scale plant of its kind. The transaction led to investments from leading international VC firms and similar deals with steel and other industrial companies in China, India, and Korea. The company has since been ranked amongst the top 10 biofuels companies in the world for several years running by Biofuels Digest. 

Industrial Energy Efficiency & Waste Heat Recovery Company:

Secured Chinese Early Adopter Pilot for Commercial Validation

CCC introduced and negotiated with two Chinese state-owned enterprises in the oil & gas and energy conservation industries for an off-grid distributed energy generation application deployment at a Chinese oil drilling site for a US-based thermoelectric technology start-up. CCC led the negotiations and structured the agreements to have the Chinese SOEs become early adopters, co-commercialization partners, and strategic investors.